Divorce Your Feeling of Being Overwhelmed for Good

All of us would know of that one guy at workplace, or that one friend, who is always overwhelmed with everything that happens, and is [...]Read More

Listen to Filter Out the Noise

The world has become a noisy place, and for most of us, the best way to deal with that is to not listen to 80% [...]Read More

Break Through Your Stress with Kriyas

Kriya is a Sanskrit word that means “yogic process”. The process referred to is an alchemical transformation of mind-body-spirit, through a specific set movements, postures [...]Read More

Dissolve Your Stress (Completion)

While stress and lack of productivity have been closely related, few have been able to fully understand why that is so. Fewer still have been [...]Read More

Power of Intention in Dealing with Stress

Stress is one of the ‘downs’ in the ups and downs of life experienced by everyone. When life looks too big, and we experience ourselves [...]Read More

Are You Living a Fragmented Life?

Being clear about the reason why we are doing what we are doing is the secret to living a stress free life.  “How to stop [...]Read More

Stressed? Meditation is More than a Cure!

Meditation is the best cure for stress, and it has no harmful side effects! It’s a simple and powerful solution. And what is more, it [...]Read More

How to Stop Stress and Lead a Stress Free Life

Being clear about the reason why we are doing what we are doing is the secret to living a stress free life.    Searching in [...]Read More

Siddha Technique for Healing Stress

Human beings have several energy centers or “chakras” in the body. These energy centers are like the engines of the body. They don’t exist on [...]Read More

Rudraksha, The Power Bead

Rudraksha is a beautiful power-packed bead which is full of energy. This sacred bead is a symbol of spirituality, fearlessness and a source of power, [...]Read More

Longer Meditations for Stress

Meditation can be a powerful way to heal yourself. Scientific research show that certain brainwave frequencies causes the brain to release highly beneficial substances. During [...]Read More

What your Breath Has to do with Stress

Breathe through Stress Our breathing pattern is our Life, it can never lie, for it reveals the secrets of our mind and beyond. —Paramahamsa Nithyananda [...]Read More

How YOU can dissolve your STRESS!

A small story : A man was constantly worried and stressed about repaying his home loan. He had a well-paid job but he was always [...]Read More

How to be stress free

The world is made up of two categories of people: those who know how to be stress free and those who don’t. Stressful people are [...]Read More

Stress creeps in unobtrusively. It can be kicked out boldly!

The car is slowing down, the steering wheel wobbles. The driver knows there is something wrong with it. He keeps on driving. Other drivers pass [...]Read More

Is Stress becoming second nature to you?

How often have you bemoaned the fact that you are too busy to take a vacation or even the weekend off because of having to [...]Read More

Drop your anxiety about your job

If you find yourself worrying more than working and not getting anywhere, then you are on the path to psychological worrying and anxiety. Then there [...]Read More

Relationship with In-laws

When relationships start losing their newness; fear and insecurity starts creeping in Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationships can be healed with a little ‘quality time’ spent [...]Read More

Be an Inspiring Leader

To be an inspirational leader; first, you need to be inspired about your vision. To motivate others; you need to be motivated. To enrich others; [...]Read More

Achieving Leader Consciousness

When you achieve the STATE of a leader; STATUS will simply follow you. You will not suffer the side-effects of stress, depression, and politics, if [...]Read More

Achieving fulfillment in work life

Work life can be fulfilling only when you are celebrating knowledge and creativity. The ambiance of celebration constantly reminds you and inspires you to greater [...]Read More

Handling Children’s Freedom!

Give your children the space to experiment and play with life! Only provide them the ‘safety net’ when they fall. Do not be a ‘stopping [...]Read More

Having relationships without expectations

All relationships are different kinds of contracts. Projecting joy on people, places and objects with expectations of high returns will lead to only disappointment. When [...]Read More

Stop Worrying and Start living

The worry pattern that looms large over you today, actually started as a small – ‘It’s okay’ inside you. Read the following lines and see [...]Read More

Get over your fear of commitment

Mary Kate is looking to get married to the right guy for several years now. She met Dave last summer and she just fell in [...]Read More

Live without Anxiety

Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, but only empties today of its strength – Charles Spurgeon I read this quote on the Internet [...]Read More

You no longer have to be an anxious Mom

A small story for all moms out there: A mother was preparing a meal for her young son. She emptied a tin of beans into [...]Read More

Are you frustrated? - It’s Impact and Antidote

When things don’t go our way, getting frustrated is often our immediate response.  Do we understand the impact of such a response on our lives? [...]Read More

Frustration Decoded - The formula to be free from frustration, enjoy life, and create new realities

Is being frustrated good news or bad news?  Knowing the “Formula of Frustration”, you can be free from frustration and live a blissful, powerful life. [...]Read More

4 Step Process to Live Life Powerfully

We experience life as a series of problems to which we need to find solutions.  More often than not, the solutions end up raising a [...]Read More

Worst Beliefs, Best Beliefs

Any belief that makes us powerless is brain washing.  Any belief that makes us powerful is washing the brain. Society has done years of brainwashing [...]Read More

3 Steps to Experience Sacred Joy

All of us crave the experience of joy in our lives.  The problem we face is that it remains fleeting for us.  The challenge is [...]Read More

Stop destroying yourself with fact-based living

Context is decisive.  When we live our life based on facts, we are stuck with fear and greed.  When we live our life with a [...]Read More

The Biggest Prison

A Facebook quote says “one of the biggest prisons human beings suffer is what other human beings think of them”. No!  There is a bigger [...]Read More

You are infected with these two viruses

The software of the human mind is infected by two treacherous viruses, namely tiredness and boredom.  This article deals with the cause, symptoms and antidote [...]Read More

If you dam love, you are damned

Allow the flow of love to happen even if it is conditional, somewhat conditional, or pure.  When you stop the flow of love, life stops [...]Read More

3 Steps to Win your Freedom Struggle

Everything in life is nothing but a freedom struggle.  Society teaches us that succumbing to and constantly feeding patterns that bind us is the way [...]Read More

Surprise death and go beyond death

Death is a very prevalent phenomenon.  But, it remains a mysterious phenomenon as we have not paid sufficient attention to it.  The way to overcome [...]Read More

One thing you need to taste before you “die”!

Enlightenment needs to be tasted, enjoyed and celebrated while you are in the body.  The first and foremost commandment for all human beings is THOU [...]Read More

One thing you need to know if you are over Sixty!

Upanishads declare that who you are is – Life energy that moves and expands itself.  This is a truth that one needs to internalize especially [...]Read More

Laugh at your Fears

All our depression and powerlessness is a function of a wrong connection in our inner circuit.  All our struggle with life is to regain our [...]Read More

How to be stress free

The world is made up of two categories of people: those who know how to be stress free and those who don’t. Stressful people are [...]Read More

Are you afraid of your phobias?

How is phobia different from fear? A phobia is an irrational fear, usually of an object/person/ situation that poses little or no actual danger. When [...]Read More

Do NOT fear your Fear!

Zack was a great team player but during meetings and brainstorming sessions, he rarely contributed or, even if he did, it was with hesitation. He [...]Read More

Fear of being alone

Do you get restless, upset or even depressed when you are by yourself? Do you find yourself calling up friends, texting, watching TV or even [...]Read More

Face the fear of Death

The only thing sure about life is death! It is the one reality that no one can escape  but still people don’t want to think [...]Read More

Overcoming fear of flying

Flying is generally considered to be one of the safest forms of public transportation. According to statistics compiled by the US Department of Transportation, airline [...]Read More

Depression – what is the way out?

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders to overwhelm our planet in the last century, affecting tens of millions of people across cultures, [...]Read More

How to stop stress and lead a stress free life

Being clear about “technical information” regarding every action one does is the secret to living a stress free life. Here technical information refers to the [...]Read More

You can boycott your depression successfully

What is depression? Depression is the interpretation you give when your mind does not flow with life or  Existence. It happens when the energy of [...]Read More

Depressed? Switch to a new track!

So much is being said about depression these days, that we have forgotten that depression is not such a complex problem! In fact, depression is [...]Read More

Depression – what is the way out?

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders to overwhelm our planet in the last century, affecting tens of millions of people across cultures, [...]Read More

Choose Joy over Worry!!

PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA on Choosing Joy over Worry! IF I were to tell you that you choose your worries that make you suffer, you will [...]Read More

Attracting wealth

It is possible to be a ‘wealth magnet’ in your life by : Healing all the relationships broken due to money. Healing all the wounds [...]Read More

Making better decisions

Making better decisions is always from the present moment NEVER from the past! Learn to always look at the past as PAST The present as [...]Read More

Transforming yourself

Your idea about transformation is a lie when you are worried about transformation. If you are free from anything; it is THE TRUTH if you [...]Read More

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