If you dam love, you are damned

Expression of love leads to purification of love

Allow the flow of love to happen even if it is conditional, somewhat conditional, or pure.  When you stop the flow of love, life stops flowing in you and you are damned.  This article deals with the pure science and applied science behind this truth.

The Pure Science

The seventh verse of the Ishavasya Upanishad states that the person who cognizes themselves in everything and everything in them is beyond delusion and sorrow and gets to live in the space of Oneness.

The Applied Science: Method & Utility

Love is the applied science. Love is the method and utility value of this verse.  Method is the “means to reach this experience”.  Utility value refers to “after reaching the experience what is its use in life”.  For both, the answer is Love.  The ‘method’ to reach the experience of Ekatwa (Oneness) and the ‘utility’ of the experience of Oneness in your life is Love.

Keep the Love Current Alive

Let us take the example of the river Ganga.  The Ganga is flowing from Gangotri to Lucknow to Calcutta.  In Calcutta it is most polluted, in Lucknow, it is somewhat polluted, in Gangotri it is so pure and fresh. Whether the river is polluted, somewhat polluted, or pure and fresh, the current of Ganga is the current of Ganga.

Similarly, your love, somewhere it’ll be corrupted  with a lot of selfishness, somewhere it’ll be like a business deal (give and take), somewhere it’ll be pure and selfless, somewhere it’ll be an amazing sacrifice.  But, the underlying energy is the love current, no matter how it is expressed. . If you dam it, you are damned.  Don’t dam it.

Love Current Creates Pure Love

If the current of Ganga is not dammed, it has the potential to purify itself.  Similarly, when your energy love current is not damned, it has the potential to establish you in pure love.

The point is not that your life and love should be selfish and be a business.  The point is that even if it is selfish and a business transaction, go ahead and express it – function, move, be active, alive, and interactive from the space of love to whatever extent you are able.

In the initial level, even if it is selfish, if you are in action from the space of love, after a few days you will taste excitement and the flow of joy that love brings in you.  When you taste that, your whole interest will turn towards that love which makes you flow.  You will flow irrespective of whether somebody is receiving or not receiving, reciprocating, and not reciprocating.  You will understand that Love makes you so powerful and that it is the subject that does not need any object to exist.

Play with the Unknown

Whenever there is a possibility, i.e., there is an unknown (it may go this way or that way).  That is when exploring into love continues to happen.

That is why most of the time love dies the moment marriage happens because now you are legally bound to love each other.  Anything you do in the relationship, you are socially bound to do that; it is expected of you.  The element of unknown goes away.  In marriage, the couples who keep the space of unknown alive continue to remain in love. Relationship is all about constantly being new to you and to the other person.

Only a person who has the guts to play with the unknown can really love.  Only they can love, receive love and radiate love.  In the space of the unknown, love is more vibrant, active, and alive. So continue to love the best ways that you know how and allow it to transform itself and you!


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