Laugh at your Fears

Learn to be always powerful!

All our depression and powerlessness is a function of a wrong connection in our inner circuit.  All our struggle with life is to regain our natural powerfulness.  With the method described in this article, you can build an inner circuit that restores and retains a powerful inner space.

The default condition

The default condition for most human beings is that their Physiological Circuit and Psychological Circuit is out of sync.  One indicator of this is those people who wake up tired and go to bed fresh.  This means that the psychological routine and physiological routine are not connected.

Fear causes the disconnect

The fear of insomnia is worse than real insomnia.  The moment fear enters the system, the circuit is broken and the inner space becomes powerless.

A study says, in more than eighty percent of the deaths due to snake bites, the poison never enters the brain and locks and chokes the body.  Just due to the fear that they are bitten by a snake, the person dies.

Advertisements are designed to put fear in you.  Whatever product they are selling, the moment you believe that you might be afflicted, whether it is stress or impotency, you become a slave to their product and service.

The missing link

Completion is the missing link that can enable the Physiological Circuit and Psychological Circuit to align and fall in sync.  Completion removes the fear and restores the circuit.

There are only two kinds of people on Planet Earth:

  1. Those whose Physiological Circuit and Psychological Circuit is connected with Completion.
  2. Those whose connection is with incompletion (default condition).

The Completion Technique

  1. First thing, stop the resistance.
    • Resistance keeps you immature.  Every time you remember a snake and allow the fear of the snake to fill you, you are just biting yourself like a snake bite. You are causing your own suffering because of the thoughts you entertain.
  2. Neither accept nor reject or resist.
  3. Sit and look in as to how you did this wiring inside you.
    • For example, if you are constantly afraid of marriage, first look in:  Who put this fear of marriage?  When did it start?  If you are constantly afraid of poverty, look in and see: Who put this fear of poverty in you and when did it start?
  4. You will start laughing at your fears that you foolishly built as a circuit in which you are caught.
    • It is like the net you built, you are struggling with it because you enjoy the struggle. Being in a struggle all of the time makes you feel that you are great. The suffering pattern becomes your identity and you don’t know how to drop it.
    • Laugh at your fear.  The moment you laugh at your fear, your fear loses its power over you; it becomes powerless.
  5. When you see that you made up the meaning yourself, you have the power to create a new cognition for yourself.  This restores the circuit.

Living from Powerfulness

Complete with fear, relax and be POWERFUL.  Completion causes the Physiological Circuit and Psychological Circuit to align and brings clarity to:

  1. who you are,
  2. what you stand for, and
  3. what you want to do.

Don’t allow powerlessness in any of these three areas of your life.

“Always be powerful” is the tradition of Sanatana Hindu Dharma.  It teaches you Swadharma.  Swadharma is doing what you want from the space of powerfulness.  Being always in the space of powerfulness and operating from the space of powerfulness is Swadharma.

Live your Swadharma.  You will come to understand that all the fears you develop about things which you resist, is just foolishness.

Swadharma is life.  Swadharma is experience.  Swadharma is enlightenment.

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