3 Steps to Win your Freedom Struggle

Earn complete and REAL freedom !

Everything in life is nothing but a freedom struggle.  Society teaches us that succumbing to and constantly feeding patterns that bind us is the way to experience freedom.  Look at the products that are out there to gratify our senses. But, freedom is all about feeling that a larger and larger number of people, places, and spaces are  part of you.  This article talks about the science and the technique to experience ‘Complete Freedom’.

Reality as Stated by Upanishads

Our real nature is freedom.  The experience of freedom comes from the space of not feeling violated.  The sixth verse of the Ishavasya Upanishad says that this experience happens when we see that we are in everything and everything is in us.  In Truth, there is absolutely no separation.

If this is reality, why don’t I experience it now?

This truth cannot be attained with a “non-working lazy belief”.  This is the usual so-called faith of the modern-day middle-class, neo middle-class.  We say, ‘If it is true, let it work immediately.’  We miss the preparation to experience reality, but expect everything should happen in a jiffy.  This is the “non-working lazy belief” in action.

The nature of freedom

As mentioned previously,  freedom is the feeling that larger and larger numbers of people, places, and spaces are part of you.  Freedom means expanding the boundary you feel about you to much more than just the boundaries of your skin.

Everyone is using something to experience freedom.  A rich man uses his money.  When more and more people are dependent on his money, he feels that his freedom is expanding and they are all under him.  A person who identifies with a political party feels that everyone in that party is under him and that his freedom has expanded.  A person who identifies with a language or a   geographical state, feels that whole zone is his freedom.

‘Complete Freedom’ comes from feeling ONE with the whole cosmos.  There is no sense of violation or struggle in that state. There is no division.

How to attain Complete Freedom?

When it comes to people that we love and those who love us, we have three types of relatedness with them.  They are people with whom:

  1. You feel love, but they don’t reciprocate.
  2. You feel you love them and they are also reciprocate that love towards you.  This is the happy-happy situation.
  3. You feel they love you, they suffocate you, but you don’t feel love towards them.

For each one of the above categories of relatedness, do the following steps:

  1. Remember each person.
    1. What are the patterns he / she evokes in you?
    2. When did those patterns start happening in you?
    3. When did you start building those patterns and with whom?
  2. Trace back.
  3. Pen down the patterns and those incidents.

What will be the outcome?

When you do these three exercises for all three categories, you will understand that the whole thing is a lie, “mithya”.  “Lie” is too small a word.  A lie is saying “the pot is white” when one is actually looking at a black one.  “Mithya” is giving an elaborate description about a pot when the pot itself does not even exist.

Like, whom you say you love is a lie, whom you think the person is not responding to your love is a lie, whom you say you love and he also responds is a lie.  The whole thing, every inch, you will understand, is a lie.

Then simply you will catch the glimpse of:

  • whatever good outside is inside you,
  • whatever bad outside is inside you,
  • whatever good inside is outside you, and
  • whatever bad inside is outside you.

Experience of Complete Freedom

You will have such big freedom and restful awareness; ‘Wow!  Then I can do as I want!  I can play as I want!  Everything is in me!’  This will make you experientially understand that what is stated in the sixth verse of Ishavasya Upanishad is THE TRUTH.

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