3 Steps to Experience Sacred Joy

Seeing others as a part of you expands YOU

All of us crave the experience of joy in our lives.  The problem we face is that it remains fleeting for us.  The challenge is because we are looking for it in the wrong places.  Only “sacred joy” is of a permanent nature.  This article shares a three step process that enables a person to establish themselves in a state of eternal sacred joy.

Steps to be established in Sacred Joy

  1. Be a cause for others to experience their reality
  2. Experience expansion
  3. Carry the space of possibility

Why cause others reality when I am struggling to cause what I want for myself?

A basic principles of life is: Whichever, whatever conditions, understandings, facts, or concepts constrain you into your own body is “bondage”.  Whichever concept, principle, truth, philosophy, or facts expand you is “liberation”.

Seeing others as a part of you is a simple way to expand yourself.  The action that supports this view is to cause others’ reality.  Think and act to ensure that people who are around you, their reality is caused.  Fulfilling others, fulfils you.  For example, only when your father is successful and fulfilled, you become a successful and fulfilled child.

The cognitive shift that is required is to go from ‘I’ll help them whenever I have find time’ to ‘I’ll CAUSE what they want to happen for them. I’ll use my ordinary and extraordinary powers and CAUSE!’

Human life is supposed to be lived with a lot of joy, strength and bliss. It is not to be wasted in earning money and spending because neither in earning nor in spending will you find the sacredness of life.

What is Sacred Joy?

“Joy” is a foolish idea you carry.  “Sacred Joy” is the experience that happens to you.  Whenever the option is in front of you to choose between “Joy” and “Sacred Joy”, choose always “Sacred Joy”.  Sacred Joy can be experienced by you only when you cause the reality of others.  Fulfilment leads to higher and higher aspirations for others and for yourself.

Sacred Joy infuses strength in you.  Sacred Joy strengthens your consciousness.

What is the experience of expansion?

When you cause the reality of others, you experience that others are a part of you and they experience that you are part of them.  This is when life starts in you.  Be constantly supporting, helping, living, enriching, and causing others’ reality.  When you start thinking to make others’ reality their experience, even your ability to think and find solutions expands.  When you start thinking for others, consciously you become them.  Expansion always brings bliss, completion and sacred joy.

Being in the Space of Possibility

Possibility is to create a space for what we want to happen without a tinge of self-doubt, self-hatred or self-denial. Continuously live with the possibility for you.  Go on causing that same space of possibility for others.

By living these three steps that causes a virtuous cycle of sacred joy, you will be ever established in the eternal sacred joy.  You will see that your presence will spread that joy.  Others’ will appreciate your presence and will long to be in your presence.


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