Stop destroying yourself with fact-based living

Let your cognition be established on reality

Context is decisive.  When we live our life based on facts, we are stuck with fear and greed.  When we live our life with a “reality-based” cognition we will live by radiating grace, power and abundance.  This article deals with our current plight of fact based living and what’s possible when we shift our cognition to a reality-based living.

The trap of fact based living

If your every-day thinking and feeling is based on the so-called “fact”, you will be stuck with more fear, greed, incompletions, bondage, suffering, and torture.  Food is required for living.  If you are spending twenty-four hours on food, that same food will kill you.

Facts are required for simple, smooth running of life.  But don’t be obsessed with the fact-based life.  Don’t judge yourself, gauge yourself every day based on the bank balance you have.  Obsession with facts will destroy you.

The reality test

Anything which was not there yesterday, cannot be there today.  Anything which is not going to be there tomorrow, cannot be there today.  

When something is not going to be there tomorrow, how can you say it is there today?  A stone may not exist in the same form tomorrow.  This means, the stone may be factual, but not real.  Today if you take this stone and throw it on somebody’s head, they will be hurt.  This is not to deny its power and existence.  But it is not real, because, tomorrow it may or may not exist in the same form.  If something cannot exist tomorrow, it is not real even today.

The root of suffering

From early conditioning you have been taught to see life through a very ‘factual lens.  That is why there is so much suffering within and around.

The way out of suffering

Let your cognition be established on “real”.  A person who centres his cognition on “real”, lives a non-serious life.  Non-serious life is what is called “Celebration”.

Establish yourself beautifully in the space of Completion and reality.  When more and more of your bio-memory and muscle-memory become complete  and reality-based thinking, you will LIVE.  It is not that you will not bother about facts; but you will handle them intelligently.

For example, driving is a basic lesson for you to reach your office.  But, to run your office, you need a different cognition.  If you think, ‘Oh, driving itself is a big, great thing I learnt’, then be a driver your whole life.  You will never become a CEO.  Fact-based cognitions, understandings, calculations, are like learning to drive; but reality-based cognition is learning to LIVE.  Please learn to LIVE.

What does it look like to live a reality based life?

Reality based life is living enlightenment.  The grace that comes to you when you learn to live the courage, beauty and grace of enlightenment, will inspire even kings. They will want the power you are radiating.  Celebrities will feel shy looking at your grace.  Businessmen will feel guilty about the abundance in which you are living.  In a life with reality-based cognition, no one can torture you.  All those who try to torture you will finally torture themselves and disappear.

Let your life be reality-based.  Let your bio-memory and muscle-memory be more and more built on reality-based cognition.

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