You can boycott your depression successfully

You can transform the black hole into a Big bang!

What is depression?

Depression is the interpretation you give when your mind does not flow with life or  Existence. It happens when the energy of your being is not able to cope up with the reality of life as it is.

The truth is that we all have two kinds of life:

  1. Imaginary life
  2. Real life

Imaginary life is a life where we strongly believe in our opinions and judgements about ourselves and others. We have a fixed opinion about the world based on our past experiences and conditioning. Based upon these experience and opinions, we create many expectations about how we, others and life ‘should’ be. This is the imaginary life.

However, when this imaginary life meets reality, it gets a strong jolt, because real life is ever flowing and consists of multiple perspectives. It is never stagnant. When we strongly try to hold on to it with our beliefs and experiences and attempt to build a life around that,  we are not flowing with life and the result is depression.

The Result

Depression feels like a black hole.  You will feel like life is not worth living, there is no energy to do things. You lose interest in activities that previously excited you. You want to be by yourself. You attempt to distract yourself with drugs, including alcohol, food addictions, retail therapy or even medications that will keep your mind away from the conflict.

The truth is that medications cannot help you. They distract you and alleviate your problems temporarily but the issue remains alive until you deal with it. And studies have proven that medications alone are not the most effective way to deal with depression.

The GOOD NEWS is that depression is GOOD news!  You can come out of depression and begin a new, joyful life!

Yes,  depression means that you have the possibility to evolve to the next stage of expression. It can be compared to a seed that is ready to rupture. It has to be ready to let go and die so that it can become a tree. Depression is just a reminder that you are ready to grow up!

You can  transform the black hole into a Big bang!

What happens inside you when you are depressed

When your imaginary life clashes with reality,   the core of your being is awakened and  attempts to grasp the reality that you perceive around you.. The struggle begins between the old beliefs trying to stay alive and the reality that says keep flowing!

When our beliefs and opinions about the world get questioned, we get frightened and want to defend, withdraw or attack. None of these will work! You will just remain in deeper conflict.

Instead, see this  as sacred time, a portal to a new possibility and expansion in you and your life. This is the time for  your being to reflect, to rewind, question the beliefs not the being itself. . The  Self remains untouched by beliefs. It is just the old beliefs and cognitions that need to be handled. When we resist this struggle, we will not be able to evolve and grow.

Go deep into your depression, look in at your fears, desires, opinions, cognitions and be willing to handle them, reconfigure them and align them to reality.

How do you do that?

There are three things you can do:

  1. Live consciously in the present moment
  2. Be in awareness about what is happening around you
  3. Have deep consciousness about what is happening inside you

The third point of having deep consciousness about what is happening inside you is by practising a technique called Completion. It is also the way to live consciously in the present moment without the emotional hangovers from the past.

Try this technique:  Start by making  a strong intention to come out of depression. Look at yourself in the mirror, make eye contact and tell yourself that you wish to heal and come out of depression.

  1. Sit by yourself and write down a conflict that you are currently facing. Maybe you are feeling cheated by someone, you are feeling like a victim or you feel you have failed in life.
  2. Write down all your feelings.
  3. Now go back and try to remember the earliest time you felt the same way. For example: You felt life is not giving you what you want. Try to remember any incident in your past when you felt the same way,  preferably your early childhood.
  4. Recollect the earliest incident when you felt powerless. For example: You said something in front of some family members and they all laughed at you.
  5. Write down what your cognition of that incident was. For example: ‘I am not a capable person’ or ‘I am unintelligent.’
  6. The cognitions made in your early childhood are usually made in a moment when you are caught in the feeling of deep powerlessness.  What happens is that you start believing that you are unintelligent and incapable. So in every situation you will start seeing yourself as unintelligent, you will only see and attract incidents that prove your cognition or limiting belief is right.
  7. Your thought patterns will  continue to attract situations  that prove that you are unintelligent.
  8. In order to shift the old cognition, you need to look at the incident from childhood from a different perspective.
  9. Relive the incident again as though you were a little child going through the incident. Feel the emotions and then see if you can  perceive the incident differently. For example: if you were laughed at by adults, could it be that you were a cute kid and people found what you were saying childlike and adorable?  Does one incident prove that you are unintelligent for life? Could it be that you made a wrong cognition out of one incident?

Look in and see how you have connected one belief to every incident in your life and strengthened the cognition that you are inferior in some way. .

Congratulations! Now you are ready to make a new cognition. Write down your new cognition, the expansive, powerful image of yourself  that liberates you. For example:  ‘I am very intelligent’, or ‘I am a very creative person.’

This is just the beginning of your healing. Slowly the old beliefs and cognitions will lose their hold on you as you spend time with yourself and do this exercise for all your powerless incidents that you remember in your life. For spiritual support and healing you can contact –


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