The Biggest Prison

Break free from - what you think about you!

A Facebook quote says “one of the biggest prisons human beings suffer is what other human beings think of them”. No!  There is a bigger prison.  That is “what you think about you”.  What others think about you is able to cause you suffering because what you think about you is able to be altered by what others think about you.  If what you think about you stays stable, others’ thoughts will not be able to hurt you.  In this article, we will see how diluted ideas about body, mind and consciousness cause enormous damage to human beings.

The Prison Cell

What others think about you, if you think that is a prison, then what you think about you is a cell inside the prison where you are locked.  It is much more suffocating.  What others think about you impacts only your external life. What you think about you impacts your body and mind directly .

You need to be aware of what society makes you believe as to what your body, mind and consciousness are all about. Most of our traditional concepts about body, and health have been ruthlessly destroyed and replaced by a set of ideas that only support the exploitation of human beings.

Misnomer: Alternative Medicine

All the ancient systems of living a healthy life just by handling your food properly, herbs, leaves, the natural things, are called “alternative medicine.”  And swallowing these pills and chemicals and putting you in more and more trouble is called “mainstream medicine.”

Till the true science about life is taught to humanity, humanity is not going to come out of its addiction to medicines.  Why do they call it alternate medicine when it has been traditional for thousands of years, whereas use of chemicals has been around for only one or two hundred years?

All vs Mall

There is a question, “Why is it in India that they didn’t build hospitals and schools? How do you call them as evolved civilization?”  In every village, the largest building of that village is the common utility building where we had school, hospital, cinema, art gallery, life science teaching place, and ultimately, teaching enlightenment.  That place is known as Temple.  It is not just a mall, it is All.  Everything about life is done there, whether storing the grain, teaching principles, or medical care, everything is done there.

Our lifestyle was such we did not need so much hospitalization.  From the beginning, we were taking care of ourselves, and a very important thing, when time comes, we were gracefully able to leave, say  ‘Bye bye’, because we know we will come back.  We were not that poor psychologically or consciously to believe that we only have one life. When you have the wrong belief that you have only one body, when you want to hold on to that one body, you need so much of medical care.  We just know, when we need, we will make the body recover, when body is too damaged, drop it and pick up another one.


The Ultimate Richness

The  right concepts about body, right faith, cognition about mind, right bio memory, the right concepts about body, mind, consciousness, is THE richness, the ultimate richness.  The right ideas you carry about you gives you the experience of Oneness.  Either by building hundreds of houses for yourself, or by building companies for yourself, or by accumulating more and more cars, Oneness is not experienced by all this.

Buying a house or car, let that just be utility, not the goal of your life.  If the utility becomes the goal of your life, you live in stupidity –  where elongating your life becomes goal.  No! The  purpose of your life should be the goal, meaning of your life should be goal, not elongating. If you know the meaning, you will know right number of years to live.

Number of years you live does not define your success.  The meaning of your life defines your success.


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