You are infected with these two viruses

Tiredness and boredom can kill you

The software of the human mind is infected by two treacherous viruses, namely tiredness and boredom.  This article deals with the cause, symptoms and antidote for these two prevalent viruses in human consciousness.

What is a virus?

A biological virus, when it infects a host cell, forces the cell to produce thousands of replicas at a fast pace.  A computer virus is a program that when it gets access to a computer system, it replicates itself and creates harm to the system and the information stored in it.  Similarly, tiredness and boredom when they enter a person’s inner space, quickly shut out productive use of the human mind.

When did the infection take place?

A small story helps to illustrate the moment when we succumb to these viruses.

Two lawyers saw a bear in the forest.  One fellow started running.  The other fellow shouted, “What you think you can escape the bear?”

The other said, “No, I just have to run faster than you!”

Unfortunately,  life is not like that.  If you are able to excel just a little more than people around you, that extra stretch doesn’t become your endpoint of growths.   Life doesn’t end there.  The moment you say that excelling a little more than the people around you is sufficient, that is the moment when tiredness and boredom infects you.

What is a symptom of infection with these viruses?

With boredom and tiredness you can’t even peacefully sleep; you may be lying on the bed but you will be rolling over.  However, if you lie down, after sincerely exhausting whatever you want to do and fall into the bed, you will be so powerful and fall asleep.  But when you lie down just out of boredom and tiredness, you will be so powerless you will not be able to fall asleep.  Tiredness and boredom are the fire of hell.

The root of all mental illnesses

One of the biggest problems humanity is facing and going to face is boredom.  This is because you can no longer make people feel excited about life by providing them with their  basic needs like food, shelter, and clothes.  Humanity doesn’t know how to lead itself to the next level.  Political leaders, social leaders, religious leaders, all of them are stuck because you can’t keep people excited any more just with this food, clothes, and shelter.  That is why so much depression and boredom is settling in.  All psychiatric disorder, all phobias, depression, all disorders, bipolar, fourpolar, sixpolar, whatever name you can give, all mental disorders boil down to just one word: boredom. That’s all. Boredom. Nothing else. Just boredom.

The Antidote

Align your body and intellect straight with each other.  Make your life strong.  Make yourself as much useful to yourself and the world, as much as possible.

The Panacea

The ultimate antidote is to continue to explore the subtle truths of consciousness as described by the Upanishads, the spiritual truths revealed by the Vedic Rishis. When you explore into the nature of consciousness, you are making your brain subtler and subtler, and developing the capacity to ‘catch’ and reflect that pure consciousness.

How can your brain be trained and developed to catch the pure reflection of Consciousness as it is?  By internalizing, intra-analyzing, meditating, thinking, contemplating, and debating – exploring these great truths and having them explode in your being as your direct experience. Consider these topics:

  • What is Consciousness?
  • What is that which is all pervasive, beyond going and coming, beyond the space, nature, action and result? What is that which is centre of all this?
  • What is that which is ‘muscle less’ and ‘boundary less,’ which is beyond all relationships and association?
  • What is absolute radiant and self-effulgent?


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