Drop your anxiety about your job

Use the energy to get the job done rather than waste it on worry

If you find yourself worrying more than working and not getting anywhere, then you are on the path to psychological worrying and anxiety. Then there is a gap between reality and yourself. It is time to look in and straighten your thoughts.

Thinking to plan chronologically is alright, but thinking about how you are going to execute your plan is not alright. It becomes psychological worrying and this is what creates anxiety and tension.

If it takes just 2 hours to plan for yourself, then the remaining 22 hours are available to you to execute the plan. Why then is the plan not getting executed? Because, you waste more than 80% of the remaining time on worrying about how you are going to execute the plan.

When you keep repeating the plan to yourself, you are in effect draining your own energy into it. Instead of using the energy to execute the plan, you simply waste it. How will the job get done?

Just Do it!

One more thing: If you really want the job to be done, you will get down to doing it without worrying. Actually, tension and worry are mere excuses for running away from doing things. Under the pretext of worry and tension, you escape from responsibility.

Every problem is pregnant with the solution. If you really want to solve it, you will do it. All you need to do is look at the problem with deep awareness, and the solution will stand out. Only when you don’t want to solve it, you will feel comfortable just talking about it. And you will feel great that you have so much to worry about!

The best way to shrug of responsibility is to get into anxiety and tension. Most people suffering from depression feel comfortable in that state because they don’t have to take up any responsibility.

A small story:

A man who was known to be a great healer visited a village. Very soon, a crowd gathered around him. He touched a man on his neck and the man who was suffering from chronic spondylosis became relieved of the pain instantly. He then touched another man on his head and the man’s headache disappeared that very moment.

He moved towards a man in crutches.

But the man on crutches moved away and said, ’Don’t touch me!’

The healer was puzzled and asked why.

The man said, ‘I have just applied for my Disability benefit Claim.’

We talk endlessly about our problem, but when we are offered a solution, suddenly we don’t accept it. We have never thought beyond our problems, so we often find a void when our problems disappear!

So drop all your imagination about your lifestyle, people, job and start living in the present moment and things will automatically happen. Remember: you can’t live in your own comfort zone for long. Reality will find you. Make conscious decisions and take responsibility for every decision you make.

You learn gain more insights about techniques you can use to overcome anxiety in the following video

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