Power of Intention in Dealing with Stress

Stress is one of the ‘downs’ in the ups and downs of life experienced by everyone. When life looks too big, and we experience ourselves as too small and powerless in front of life, what happens is stress. But it is important to remember that no matter how overpowering it may look, stress is only one of the ‘lows’ in the ever changing nature of life.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains, “Whatever intention you have, that you want to become, that is you. Other than that, any psychological, physiological, neurological experience, perception you go through is not you. If you feel depressed about your body and your mind and about yourself, or if you feel excited, elated about your body, your mind and about you, whether depression or excitement, nothing is you.”

You are Your Intention

Intention is the only living mechanism in all human beings, whereas the neurological, psychological, physiological ups and downs we experience are nothing but non living matter. That which is non living cannot affect that which is living. By remembering this, any ‘stress’ we experience, loses its relevance and power over us. When we know that something does not have the power to affect our lives, cannot change our experience of ourselves, cannot change our future, it stops being important.

For example, we know know that the house keys cannot change our future and how it will shape up, because it is a non-living object which has no power of its own. Any power it has is the the power we decide to give to it. But on its own, it does not have the power to alter our experience of life. Just like the house keys, all our memories, and all our experiences and perceptions of life as ups and downs are also matter. The only thing that does have power is our intention of what we want to be.

Make Your Intention Count

To be able to use this truth as a life solution, it requires contemplation and clarity. So, decide what is your intention of what you want to be. Other than that, acknowledge that all the experiences you have are nothing but matter and cannot affect you. Your intention is the real you.

For all the solutions given in this ebook, use this truth to make the solutions work for you. Before practicing any of the solutions, first set your intention of what you want to be. Visualize that everything you are doing is with that intention and that all your actions and thoughts are fuelled by your intention. Keeping your intention as the core, practice any of the life solutions given in the next section of the ebook to receive the benefits you wish for.


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