Dissolve Your Stress (Completion)

While stress and lack of productivity have been closely related, few have been able to fully understand why that is so. Fewer still have been able to identify the source of the problem and root it out completely. Stress is when you get overwhelmed with Life and your situations, leading you to get caught in the vicious cycle of your thoughts and stopping you from taking any actions with results. It is important to understand that the feeling of being overwhelmed does not arise from outer situations, but your perception of those situations and how you think they will affect your existence. This feeling can be easily dealt with by being in the state of completion.

Flowing with life, without anything from the past holding you back, and experiencing Life as a continuous celebration is being in the state of completion. Stress is the outcome of not being in this state of completion and getting stuck with some thoughts and ideas which keep repeating in your mind aimlessly, distracting you from participating in life itself.

Be Complete, Be Stress Free Forever

There is a simple technique called Completion that will help you dissolve your stress and worries. To understand completion, it is important to understand ‘incompletion’. Incompletion is any emotion, incident or thought pattern that you accumulated from the past that is disturbing or interfering with your present and future.

To dissolve these incompletions, practice the technique given below.

  1. First declare to yourself that you are not your worry or stress. This is an important concept to understand. Isn’t it true that some days you have stress and some days you do not? Therefore they are impermanent. If they are impermanent then how can they be “you”? You are the permanent, as you are always there. You are already a complete being, with temporary amnesia, and this process is to find your way back again. Sit in a comfortable position facing a mirror. Maintain eye contact with your reflection and connect with the person in the mirror.
  2. Go back to the earliest moments when you felt worried and stressed. Maybe you were only 3 or 4 years old. Now, relive all the incidents in your life which caused you to feel worried and stressed. You have to relive the moments, not remember them. Relive them as if you are the 4 year old now. Forget your current form, current place and current status. Visualize that you are once again the person of the past incident and go through all the emotions, body gestures and thoughts which you went through when the incident happened, as it happened. Do not logically analyse or try to understand the incident, simply relive it. Don’t try to comfort or console yourself or argue with yourself with your current adult logic, but let the ideas and emotions of the you of the past get expressed. Let all your ideas about life, yourself and the other come to the surface. These have been bottled up inside you for a long time, and reliving them releases them and relieves you of the ideas and the emotions associated with them.
  3. If you cannot recollect any incident from your childhood, relive the ones that you can recollect. Maybe something that happened a week ago or even a few years back that caused you to feel stressed and worried.
  4. If you feel anger, sadness or guilt, relive the emotions and express them completely. Any emotions when they are not completely lived, get stored in your body and mind as an incompletion which hampers your thinking and decision making ability. When these emotions are relived consciously, they are released and you will feel lighter experientially.
  5. Keep doing that until you stop feeling the emotion anymore and until you feel empty. Just sit with yourself in the state of restful awareness and remain silent for a few minutes.
  6. In the end, remind yourself that you are not your thoughts or emotions, that you are God. Any ideas you have about Life and your own self, are useful for you only if they are aligned with this ultimate truth.

Do this for at least 21 days, every day before going to sleep. You will feel and energized and get a new clarity about your life. Any time you feel overwhelmed with life, and feel the stress coming back, practice this technique again and you will feel an immediate reduction from stress, and a better focus on life situations at hand.

To listen to Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s discourse on this topic. Please watch:



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