How YOU can dissolve your STRESS!


A small story :

A man was constantly worried and stressed about repaying his home loan. He had a well-paid job but he was always complaining about repaying the loan and how imprisoned he felt in his life. Then one day, he had a heart attack. He miraculously survived the attack but now his focus completely shifted to his health and family.  He only thought about how to keep himself healthy and how to spend more time and energy with his family.Suddenly, the loan didn’t seem to bother him at all. In fact, he seemed grateful that he had taken a loan and had the fortune to own a home.

All those who can resonate with this story will understand how priorities keep changing in your lives. When one problem seems as huge as a mountain, suddenly, something happens and that problem becomes of little significance. We seem to be moving from one problem to another of varying kinds.

What is a problem today can become insignificant tomorrow. A woman who was worried about the shape of her nose in her youth, is now worried about her relationship with her colleagues. She has completely forgotten about the importance she gave to her looks.

Sounds familiar?

Enlightened master from South India, Paramahamsa Nithyananda says that, the mind is not logical and problems wash away problems.  

This means that today what seems like an important and big problem can simply be washed away by a bigger problem that we may face tomorrow.

So the stress and worry we feel today will also shift. It seems like whatever problem we give importance to; gives us the most stress.When it ceases to be of importance; the worry associated with it also drops away.  

For example: a wife who is worried that her husband is not giving her enough attention today, used to be preoccupied with the worry of being single a year ago. The nature of the mind, which is to keep changing its priorities in terms of problems  reveals that the mind is unstable and illogical. When we recognize that by nature the mind is unstable and illogical,  suddenly we lose respect for it and stop giving it so much of importance.

The problems will cease to worry or stress us out to the extent they did before, because we now have recognized their impermanent nature.

This doesn’t mean that we ignore problems. It just means that the stress associated with them will drop away and we can now look at problems objectively and use our energy to solve them. Worrying about problems constantly often removes our objectivity of them.

There is a simple technique called ‘Completion’ that will help you dissolve your stress and worries. To understand completion, it is important to understand ‘incompletion’. Incompletion is any emotion,incident, thought, that you accumulated from the past that is disturbing or interfering with your present and future. To dissolve these incompletions, follow the technique given below.

  1. First declare to yourself that you are not your worry or stress. This is an important concept to understand. Isn’t it true that some days you have stress and some days you do not. Therefore they are impermanent. If they are impermanent then what are you? You are the permanent, as you are always there. What is already there? The feelings of joy, fulfillment, love that get covered up when the feelings of stress come along. That state, those feelings we can call completion.  You are already a complete being, with temporary amnesia, and this process is to find your way back again.Sit in a comfortable position facing a mirror.Maintain eye contact with your reflection.
  2. Go back to the earliest moments when you felt worried and stressed. Maybe you were only 3 or 4 years old. Now, relive all the incidents in your life which caused you to feel worried and stressed.It’s important that you don’t relive the memories as the adult you are know, but as the child you were when these incidents happened to you.
  3. If you cannot recollect any incident from your childhood, relive the ones that you can recollect. Maybe something that happened a week ago or even a few years back that caused you to feel stressed and worried.
  4. If you feel anger, sadness or guilt, relive the emotions and express them completely.
  5. Keep doing that until you stop feeling the emotion anymore.

Do this for at least 21 days. You will feel and energized.

To listen to Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s discourse on this topic. Please watch:

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