Are You Living a Fragmented Life?

Being clear about the reason why we are doing what we are doing is the secret to living a stress free life.  “How to stop stressing” has been a quest for human beings for ages.  

If one drops a key in one place and searches for it in another place, they will never find it. Modern methods offering solutions to stop stress are similar to this. They have us looking in one direction, when what we’re looking for is somewhere else.

Stressing on anything including meditation leads to stress

If it doesn’t address the root problem, the solution that is offered can become one more  stressor. For example, in any given day, thousands of people are stressed about not having done their meditation routine for the day. Why does one do meditation?  To be stress free.  And if they meditated they would be stress free. But, being stressed for not having meditated is one more problem now!

A human being is many layered

A human being has many bodies.  The “physical” body just being one of them.  The others are:

  • “pranic” body in which the air circulation happens,
  • “mental” body where inner chatter takes place,
  • “emotional” body that stores emotions,
  • “causal” body in which we rest when we are in deep sleep,
  • “joy” body where we experience joy once in awhile in our lives and
  • “bliss” body that is untouched and uncorrupted by any of the other layers.


The physical body stores patterns of tiredness; the pranic body stores desires; the mental body stores patterns such as judgement etc; and emotions such as fear and worry get stored in the emotional layer.

The root of stress

Stress is experienced during the waking state and is a function of lack of alignment between the physical, pranic, mental and emotional bodies.  No stress is experienced in deep sleep because these bodies are not active in the deep sleep layer of the causal body.  The secret to stress free living is to align these four bodies in the waking state as it happens during the deep sleep state.

Align Different Parts of You

The technique that can help us align the different bodies is to find out and be clear about the reason behind why we are doing what we are doing for each day to day activity in our lives.  Let us take a very simple example of brushing one’s teeth. The technique to be clear is found out by asking questions such as “Why is brushing my teeth important?”, “What will happen if I don’t brush my teeth?”.  Answer could be, “This impacts my health and bad breath will cause discomfort to me and people around me.”  This shows that “health” and “relationships” are important concerns in life.  Being clear that brushing teeth fulfils the concerns of health and relationships will help settle the physical body, other desires will not show up, the mental body will not ask “Why are you doing this?” and there would be no reason to have a worry about doing that task at that point in time. Similarly, if clarity can be brought into every action taken in the course of the day, half the worries would be dissolved, because half of the times, the worries are baseless and out of a lack of alignment between thoughts, words, and actions.

Choicelessness is the key

Having clarity about every task that is done in a day or required to be performed in a day, creates the inner space of being aware and restful.  We can term this – “choicelessness”.   In such a space, the will of the Cosmos operates.  Any action done from the space of choicelessness, even if it is as simple as moving a hand, is a technique for stress free living.


Develop more clarity in your own life. First, identify your goals in life. Next, ask yourself, “Is each thing I’m doing directly leading me to my goal in life?” Start with even the very basic tasks like:

  1. Brushing teeth
  2. Taking bath
  3. Going to office
  4. Talking to people
  5. Having food (including what food you are having, and at what time)
  6. Going to sleep

If it is not directly leading to your goal, can anything be done to bring it into alignment with your purpose? Slowly, increase the set of tasks for which you are clear about. This will automatically relieve a lot of stress from you within just a few days. Do everything consciously, with a clear understanding and commitment of how to align the activities with your purpose.

It is not the action that makes anyone stress free.  It is the clear understanding of the reason for what you are doing and aligning yourself with that reason that makes you stress free.  Conflicting and contradictory desires add to stress.  When you sit and analyze what you want and why, then you can get clarity about what is really important to you  This helps you to take action with a purpose.  This relieves stress.

Make a list of all the activities you do in a day.  Iron out your reasons and then mindfully do each task in a celebratory way, knowing that you have chosen the activity as part of your larger vision for your life.  Celebrate life!

Based on satsangs delivered by rare Living Incarnation Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda

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