Siddha Technique for Healing Stress

Human beings have several energy centers or “chakras” in the body. These energy centers are like the engines of the body. They don’t exist on the physical level, but are closely interconnected with different body organs and their functioning. Any disturbance in the organs of the body affects the energy flow through the chakra, and vice versa.

Mind and body are very closely connected. The thought trends of a person may start in the mind, but they do not stay there as we think. Any thought patterns or trends that are loaded with emotions, get stored in the muscle memory in the human body. These thought patterns and thought trends affect the major energy centers of the body. Each chakra is associated with a certain set of emotions and thought trends.

The chakra associated with stress and worry pattern is the Manipuraka chakra, and it is located at the navel center. So, if someone has a chronic worry or stress pattern, it will affect the organs associated with the Manipuraka chakra, and hence, affect their digestive system. VIce versa, if someone has any toxins in their digestive system, they will be more prone to stress. The person who maintains his or her stomach clean, will be a yogi. They cannot have worries. When someone has worries, a subtle part of what they eat and is digested, gets settled inside their intestines. That digested food or excreta becomes dry and hard. It becomes like a heavy load on the system. That toxins are responsible for all your worries.

One easy way to break out of this vicious cycle is by using siddha techniques for cleansing the digestive system. This relieves the tension in the Navel center, and heals the stress pattern.


Once in a month, take one teaspoon castor oil with two bananas. This will cleanse your entire system

Alternatively, every night before sleeping, you can take one teaspoon haritaki powder (kadaka podi or harad).

The result of this is to not just bring down worries and stress, but also improve the person’s concentration and give them a clear, bright eyesight. It brings in a greater sense of alertness and awareness, which by itself also reduces stress and worrying.

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