4 Step Process to Live Life Powerfully

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We experience life as a series of problems to which we need to find solutions.  More often than not, the solutions end up raising a new set of problems to be dealt with.  Is there a way to operate in this world that removes the friction. Can we put ourselves on a path to living life powerfully with tremendous ease and grace?  This article lays out a  four step process that helps us to live with this peak possibility.

Step 1 : Decide to live

In every step of life, don’t give up. Go on deciding to LIVE, deciding to LIVE, deciding to LIVE!  In every opportunity, be open to live.  For example, if you think wealth is life, you should be constantly opening up for wealth and taking responsibility for it till the end of your time. If you think power is your life, you should be constantly opening up to power till the end of your life.

Step 2 : Be clear about what inspires you

Be very clear about what you consider as “Life”, what is your passion, what excites you, what inspires you, what brings you joy, what brings you pleasure, what brings you bliss.

Step 3 : Take responsibility for it

Saying YES to life means not just saying “YES” to breathing, inhaling and exhaling, your little heart pumping the blood, little brain once in a while being active.  No!  Saying YES to life means DECIDING TO LIVE!  It is about deciding to live and take responsibility for whatever you believe as life.

Step 4: Don’t lose an opportunity to reinvent yourself

When you are taking responsibility and living, suddenly you may come upon a situation where better knowledge and better possibility opens up to you.  Then, again, don’t decide just because you lived this for so many years.  Decide FOR LIFE, for expansion, and jump to that, reinvent yourself with that.  When you are reinventing, if the old can be digested or assimilated into it, keep it; or, don’t bother and let go of it.

This is exactly the manual for “DECIDING FOR LIFE”.

At this point in time, you might say that this is my decision for life.  Then, when you grow in that, new possibilities will open up.  At those moments, just standing up again and deciding for further life, and ability to renounce the old decisions and move to further life, or assimilating the old decisions into the new decisions to further life is “RENUNCIATION”.

Your decision without any conflict makes everything right.  Your decision with conflict makes everything wrong.  If you have Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial, any decision made will be wrong.  If you don’t have Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial, even if you decide for money or political power, or any mundane so-called ordinary things, it will not be wrong.  It boils down to the strength of your decision.

This 4 step process lets you make such powerful decisions.

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