Frustration Decoded – The formula to be free from frustration, enjoy life, and create new realities

Is being frustrated good news or bad news?  Knowing the “Formula of Frustration”, you can be free from frustration and live a blissful, powerful life.  This article presents this formula and shares its benefits.

The belief that “Life is not supporting me” is a very common one for most people.  For example, you always wanted health but life is not letting that happen to you; you always wanted wealth and just one day before you achieve it, everything collapses.  Such outcomes reinforce your wrong idea and lead to frustration. That frustration in turn causes you to shrink and say ‘NO!’ to life.

Hope in You is a Sign that Life is Supporting You

But the real truth is that life itself celebrates you, wants you to be alive and successful. The very fact that you have hope for something is a sign that life supports you. It is your life force energy that creates the hope in you to begin with..  If life was not supporting you, you would not be alive and you would not have aspirations and strive to fulfill your dreams. So, be VERY CLEAR that when hope arises within you, life is supporting you.

Why Do I have What I Have Now?

The current happenings in your life are because of your earlier aspirations.  They have come to you because at some earlier point in your life you wanted them. What you really want and aspire to, you have to experience and fulfill it before you move on to the next thing. You don’t need to become frustrated with your situation to leave it. You are just living through something you earlier desired. What you desire now and work for will also need to be experienced.  When you understand this Law of Life, you will never curse the happenings of your life, because what is taking place now is what you craved earlier.

Bring this as your new cognition: “Wow, I craved this one day in the past, therefore I am now experiencing it.”

My Aspirations Keep Changing:  What do I Do?

Because your aspirations have changed or keep changing, don’t be frustrated about life.  Yes, your aspirations have changed. That does not mean what you previously aspired for can be dropped.  No.  It has to be lived in the present so that you grow.

Your aspirations maturing is life saying “YES” to you.  Life wants to express and enrich more through you.  Even if it tastes like nectar or it feels like heaven, if your aspirations are not maturing, you will be tired and bored.

The greatest happening of life is when your aspirations mature.

The Formula of Frustration

The following formula has to be read, re-read, intra-analysed, internalised and lived.

Frustration = Fulfilment of Earlier Aspirations + New Aspirations (Mature ones)

For any situation that you are in – and feel frustrated about, look in. Ask yourself, ‘What is the best aspect of this situation, for which I worked for it in the first place?’    Before having the situation, it looked like something that would fulfill you. Now that you are in the midst of it and have matured, it may not feel satisfying. But if you look closely, you will see that you are experiencing just what you originally wanted.

For example:  Frustrated CEO = Fulfilment of wanting to be CEO + New aspiration of  being a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company or New aspiration of being a politician

Being frustrated is Great News

When you look at life with this cognition, you will see that if you are frustrated you are on the right track, because only when Life is supporting you, your earlier aspirations get fulfilled and new aspirations develop.

The Key to Making New Aspirations into Reality

The moment you start celebrating the present happening of your life, you are now qualified to make your updated aspirations into reality. If you celebrate the position of being a CEO, you can quickly jump into your next aspiration and so on. The secret is that frustration is NOT an essential ingredient needed to get you to move on from one situation to another.

Internalize this formula and live a life free of frustration, enjoying the current circumstances and powerfully create new realities and possibilities in your life.


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