Do NOT fear your Fear!

Discover the root of fear to go beyond fear

Zack was a great team player but during meetings and brainstorming sessions, he rarely contributed or, even if he did, it was with hesitation. He had great ideas and often after the idea was implemented, he discovered that he was actually right  to anticipate the problems with the process or idea; IF ONLY he had mustered the courage to speak up!

Everyone Wants a Fear-Free Life!

This is just one of many scenarios we see in our work life! Maybe you are afraid that your boss dislikes you or your colleagues may sabotage your career.  Whatever the scenario, fear is the running thread in your life. Without realizing, you are only operating from fear or greed in every big and small decision of your life.

Be it the fear of losing your job, your wealth, your reputation, your girlfriend, or the fear of public speaking, most decisions are  made from fear.

Unfortunately, you go on taking decisions based on fear because you do not know how to go beyond fear. You don’t want to have fear, but you don’t know how to let go of the fears you already have.

Find the Root of the Fear

In actuality, every fear has a root, a beginning. No one is born with their fears. You pick it up during the course of your life. To go beyond any fear, you need to discover the root of the fear. The fear does not have to be denied or accepted, but rather, its root needs to be discovered and dug out. Once you become aware of the root of the fear, you need to complete with that root incident, clear it from your system.

For example, if you have a fear of public speaking, you need to trace it back to the first time you experienced the fear, or the first time you had an unpleasant experience with public speaking.

In reality, the fear of public speaking is nothing but the fear of talking to one’s own self.

So, when you find the root incident of when the fear started, you need to complete with that incident and with your own self. When you are faced with fear, don’t try to resist it or suppress it. Just look at the fear, note the fear and accept it. Acceptance of the fear dissolves the fear. Allow the fear to shake you. If your body trembles, let it tremble. If your eyes water, let the tears come. Just be like a blade of grass in the wind, bending without resistance and you relive and relieve it from your system.

This will heal and remove the fear from you. No arguments about the fear will arise because the fear itself will lose its power over you.

Link to story about fear

A small story:

On a dark night, a man was walking on a narrow path. Suddenly, his foot hit a rock and he stumbled and slipped down. He managed to catch hold of a branch hanging over the rock. It was completely dark. The man tightly held onto the branch. He shouted for help but the only response was his voice echoing back. Hearing the echo, the man was terrified that he might be at the mouth of a huge abyss.

The night seemed endless and the man was desperately holding on, hoping he could get some help. Finally dawn arrived. The man looked down to see how deep the abyss was, but there was no abyss; just two feet  below was a big rock! He was able to stretch his foot and save himself.

Your fears are exactly like his, you think it is an abyss but it is actually just a few feet. You feel that your fears are insurmountable but they can easily be cleared from your life When you face your fears, you see they have no depth. Because you magnify them, you imagine them to be like the imagined dangerous abyss. It is your choice – to let go of the branch, your mental pattern with its fear , or to keep clinging onto it and torture  yourself.

Why choose fear when you can stand on the solid ground of joy and possibility?


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