One thing you need to taste before you “die”!

Understanding about death will liberate you

Enlightenment needs to be tasted, enjoyed and celebrated while you are in the body.  The first and foremost commandment for all human beings is THOU SHALL NOT DIE.  Ideally, thou shall not be born.  If the mistake is already made, at least thou shall not die, so that you are not reborn.  Enlightenment is the key to this state.  This article deals with the fear of death and provides a practice that will lead one to a state that is beyond death.

The catch 20 situation with death

When you see death as the end of the known, it frightens you.  Whatever you know, people, wealth, good, bad, whatever is known is coming to an end, standstill, that is why it frightens you.

On the other hand, are you happy with whatever is known and to live with it?  No.  Where is the gap?  Neither you are happy with whatever is known, nor you are ready to give up.  See how we are stuck!

Understanding about death will liberate you from this catch 20 situation.  Being caught cannot be considered as living.

Two states in our lives

Life is made up of two states; death and dying.

Death: Where your perception of the known ends, it is called death.

Dying: Where your perception continues to torture you, it is called dying.

While you are living, constantly dying is happening in you.  Many things with which you associate yourself are moving away from you.  Many things about which about you are afraid, is getting closer to you, all this is dying.

The sacred secret

The sacred secret about death that allows you to go beyond death is: When death is staring at somebody else, decide to stare at him.

Going back to the states, he staring at your eyes directly is Death.  You staring at him, when he is staring at somebody else is Dying.

Why will this work?

  1. Whenever you stare at somebody, even if he was looking at the other direction, automatically his eyes will come and get fixed on you.
  2. In this situation, his attention falls on you slowly.  Slowly both vision will merge.  You will have enough time to breathe, align, and settle with whom you are staring.
  3. During the process of dying, the process of rebirthing is more known and available to you.  Your bio-memory can cherish the dying and rebirthing in a beautiful way and transform itself.
  4. When you turn your attention on dying, and get the possibility of rebirth and transformation, you are removing the powerlessness in you when it comes to Death.

Upanishads use a beautiful word, DHIRAH to describe a person who has the courage to stare at Death before even he stares at you.  If you are waiting for him to stare, so that you can stare back, you won’t be able to, you will just close your eyes tightly and give up on you.  Closing your eyes tightly and going through Death is giving up on you.  Don’t be a coward.

The goal is living enlightenment

The goal of human life is not liberation at the time of death.  That is too easy.  While you are living you should go through the birth and death and be reborn.  Your bio-memory should enjoy the transformation, your muscle-memory should enjoy the transformation, only then you will taste Enlightenment, you will taste Jivan Mukti (Living Enlightenment).
The good news is: if you put your attention on Death, you will be liberated.  The great news is: you don’t have to put your attention on Death your whole life, just few days, put your attention without getting diverted.  That is enough. You will have liberation.

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